Supply Vs Demand
The Crypto Investment Society



SVD is an open-crypto society, that embarking the investment opportunities in crypto currencies and digital innovation of financial technology.

Our business opportunities, a part of disbursing the wealth in our society members, the potential investor, we are aligning our future roadmap into our embedded mission as our main strategy in order to maximize the profits and return.

Our vision strength in bringing the integrated technology of our digital innovation to our investors. The benefits would be leveraged by the society.

The wealth distribution of our investment opportunity in crypto currencies and digital finance technology, brings to you as our potential investors, the goal of SVD.

Business Opportunity

SVD brings the business opportunity and its value to the society that will leveraging our technology for financial growth.

Our offerings, collaborate and persistently into public, private and enterprise community. That will maximize the investment, for not only in trading market and technology advancement but also into the use in our current economic requirement in bridging the gaps of inequality.

The return of investment, in daily profit, should be in hand of realizing the benefits of technology, fast, reliable and secure. Profit disbursement in daily payout is in our strength but that the short investment, for society to grow for existing market contribution growth. That is passive investment.

Our diversified offering in long investment, we also offer different return, in maximizing its crypto currency value and rewards, align to the growth of financial technology. In current market trends, the future of financial technology that will drive our crypto society to another level, with greater height, maximum profit and return, exponential wealth for active investment.

The risk and rewards will reaps by our investor, the crypto-society members.

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